Flying Hammer Productions is an Oregon based natural building company focused on infusing the urban fabric with natural materials and empowering people to create their own healthy, natural and beautiful spaces. Locally owned and operated, with 13 years construction experience in the straw bale and natural building field, we offer a wide range of services:

  • Contracting services for natural building
  • Strawbale wall systems
  • Earthen sculptural work
  • Earth plasters and floors
  • Carpentry
  • Private Carpentry Lessons
  • Consulting services
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Presentations

The work of Flying Hammer Productions has ranged from facilitating construction of straw bale and straw clay dwellings at Dignity Village, to an adobe Waldorf School in Argentina, to the highly visible, commercially permitted sculpted cob entry way at the Rebuilding Center.

If you are interested in more information, workshops, consulting services, design or construction please contact Lydia Doleman at 503.975.4232, or click on the “contact” link to get in touch via e-mail.

Lydia Doleman

Lydia Doleman

Lydia Doleman is a natural builder and activist currently practicing in Southern OR. She has been building since she first stole her sister’s legos at the age of three. For the last thirteen years her work has been a culminating point for ecology, art and social justice.

Flying Hammer Productions is her natural building construction company focused on pushing the bounds of affordable and energy efficient housing, training people and communities in various building skills and infusing the dreary urban fabric with structures that reflect beauty, sustainability and community. You can usually find her in the mud, wrestling straw bales, laughing or just flying around by the seat of her pants….

“The natural building movement is crucial to human empowerment and democratizing the social and physical architecture that we inhabit. In a fragmented and dysfunctional world we can only reconnect people and places by creating structures that directly reflect localized, authentic patterns of living. Buildings have the capacity to equalize people or segregate them. The choices made in building with local and natural materials help enhance the healthy human patterns that elevate society and individuals.”