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Building out of the Woods

  According to the 2015 U.S. Housing Census the number of building permits pulled for the construction of single-family residences was approx. 6,311,000 (compared to 2004 16,314,000). According to Federal Reserve board director, Elizabeth Duke, the nation currently boasts around 14 million vacant homes.  Ironically, some of the areas that are showing the most population [...]

Simple clay paint: Aliz

For those of you who want a quick, easy, wall finish, here it is! Basic Aliz mix: 1 Part clay (kaolin or other light colored or desired colored clay) 1 part wheat paste 1 part silica sand (70 mesh or finer) pigment for color To make wheat paste: 1 cup of wheat flour in to [...]

Interview with Carey Lien of Athena Construction

Interview with Carey Lien of Athena Construction 2/13/14 LD: What’s the name of your business and can you tell me a little bit about the story behind it? CL: Well, (laughs) I was talking with my therapist and I was trying to think of a name for my construction company and it used to be [...]

So you want to be a Natural Builder!

So you want to be a Natural Builder! Looking forward to glorious days of stacking golden bales with throngs of happy workshop participants, up to your elbows in delicious sun warmed beautiful mud plaster, standing back and admiring another artful edifice made of all local materials? There is an ever growing group of individuals who [...]

Built By Animals

I am currently reading an excellent book by Mike Hansell called ‘ Built by Animals’. Just the table of contents alone inspires me: Chapter 1. The Builders. Chapter 2. Builders Change the World. Chapter 3. You Don’t Need Brains to be a Builder. Chapter 4. Who’s in Charge Round Here? Chapter 5. From one Nest [...]

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